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AH AMÁLIA – Living Experience: See and hear the greatest Portuguese

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AH AMÁLIA – Living Experience: See and hear the greatest Portuguese

For around 60 minutes, in an immersive experience never seen before in Portugal, it will be possible to return to the world of Amália Rodrigues and see her live again, in a life-size hologram, in an exhibition organized by SP Entertainment, in partnership with the Amália Rodrigues Foundation.

"This is an experience that only makes sense to us: sensory, alive. That it crosses all the senses and emotions - the sound, the visual, the virtual, the immersive, the unexpected. Amália in a way that has never been seen, heard or felt before. And the viewer will be part of this exchange," says the exhibition's directors.

All this is now available at AH AMÁLIA - Living Experience, in Marvila, in the building of the former Abel Pereira da Fonseca warehouses, Lisbon's new cultural center, from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., seven days a week.

In an area of 700m2, made up of eight rooms with distinct but complementary concepts, visitors begin, with the sound of Amália's songs in the background, to follow the singer's life, with her phrases on the walls.

In this first room, the walls reveal the main cities where Amália sang, followed by a second that describes Amália's connection with the city of Lisbon, with particular corners and particular sounds - the sea, the seagulls - as well as some of the fado houses where she performed. It ends with an area dedicated to the poet Amália.

The visitor then has a truly thrilling immersive experience, with a 360-degree immersive projection, where you can revisit the life and work of the fado singer.

The surprise comes next, when you enter a mirrored room with a spectacular cherry decoration that transports you to a whole new dimension. The inspiration came from Amália's phrase: "I was born during cherry season".

After a virtual reality experience in another room, the end of the experience is surprising but, above all, exciting: Amália appears on stage, in hologram, singing two of her most famous songs.

An unforgettable experience, both for Amália's admirers and for those who are meeting her for the first time. A fitting tribute to the greatest Portuguese singer of all time, 25 years after her death.

AH AMÁLIA - Living experience is the new and pioneering project conceived and produced by SP Entertaiment, which is part of its new value proposition: to position SPE as a benchmark company in the area of event and experience production, using creativity and new technologies as the basis for an innovative offer, keeping up with market trends and targeting other types of clients and paving the way for new business models.

The SP TV Group has stood out over the years for its capacity for innovation, for keeping up with market trends and for being a pioneer in the development of projects that make a difference in the national and international audiovisual panorama.

AH AMÁLIA - Living Experience is a bold, ambitious and different project that will mark the cultural offer of the city and the country!

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