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SIC's new telenovela is coming soon

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SIC's new telenovela is coming soon

SIC will soon premiere a telenovela produced by SP Televisão, adapted from a Turkish original by Inês Gomes and Cândida Ribeiro. This new production promises to captivate audiences with a gripping narrative that dives into the complex relationships between two opposing families: the wealthy and influential Fontes Morais and the Rocha's, a poor family who lose everything they own in a fire.

The recordings for the telenovela have already begun in the region of Trás-os-Montes. The protagonists include João Catarré, Joana Ribeiro, Victoria Guerra and Lourenço Ortigão, who will play the main characters in this story full of intrigue, passion and exciting twists and turns.

The choice to adapt a Turkish original is no coincidence. Turkey is currently the world's second largest exporter of television series, second only to the United States of America. Turkish television fiction has become a powerful industry, with exports to around 150 countries.

In Portugal, the SIC Mulher channel has already successfully broadcast several Turkish series, such as ‘The Boy’ and ‘Light of Hope’, among others. In addition, the Netflix platform has invested significantly in Turkish fiction, presenting hits such as the film ‘Miracle of Cell 7’, one of the most watched contents in 2019, and the series ‘As the Crow Flies’, which already has a second season.

The Turkish audiovisual industry has focused on creating engaging content of high technical quality for export. Turkish productions have stood out for escaping the exclusively local reality, adopting an excellent sales strategy that has resulted in great successes worldwide.

With this track record of success, it's clear that Turkish fiction has all the necessary ingredients to captivate Portuguese audiences.

SIC's new telenovela, adapted by Inês Gomes and Cândida Ribeiro, promises to be another example of this success, bringing the richness of the narrative and the emotional intensity characteristic of Turkish productions to Portuguese television.

Watch the first promo of the telenovela here.

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