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A telenovela by
Inês Gomes
Written by
Cândida Ribeiro
Rita Roberto
Ana Casaca
Ana Vasques
José Pinto Carneiro
Manuel Carneiro
Jorge Queiroga
Bruno Oliveira
Rui M. Silva
Sara de Castro
Patrícia Resende
Rafael Fonseca




Between love and justice


After serving half of a two year jail sentence for once again trying to sort out her family’s mess, Catarina is released on parole.

During her time in jail, her mother went missing without a trace, fleeing the estate belonging to the powerful Torres family, where she worked as a cook. As far as the police is concerned, Leonor decided to go away and there’s no indication of foul play, but Jorge is convinced that his wife is dead and her employers did it.

Catarina is focused on finding out the truth about her mother’s sudden disappearance, so she gets a job at the Torres Estate, where she meets Vasco and falls in love with him, not knowing that he’s part of the family behind Leonor’s sudden absence. Vasco is hopelessly in love himself and far from guessing that Catarina's true intentions are to uncover what happened to her mother, with his family as her prime suspects.

Will Catarina and Vasco’s love for each other survive the truth surrounding Leonor's disappearance?


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Bárbara Branco
Catarina Valente Bárbara Branco
Francisco Froes
Vasco Torres Francisco Froes
Maria João Bastos
Leonor Valente Maria João Bastos
Albano Jerónimo
Jorge Valente Albano Jerónimo
Joana Santos
Caetana Torres Joana Santos
Luís Esparteiro
Eduardo Vaz Luís Esparteiro
José Wallenstein
Luís Maria Soares José Wallenstein
Cristina Homem de Mello
Vitória Torres Cristina Homem de Mello
Rui Morisson
Fernando Torres Rui Morisson
Alexandra Lencastre
Madalena Torres Alexandra Lencastre
Dânia Neto
Mariana Campos Dânia Neto
João Maneira
Tozé Valente João Maneira
Mariana Cardoso
Vera Valente Mariana Cardoso
Lara Chelinho
Marta Valente Lara Chelinho
Jorge Corrula
Ricardo Torres Soares Jorge Corrula
Diogo Amaral
Sebastião Torres Diogo Amaral
Rita Blanco
Natália Sousa Rita Blanco
Débora Monteiro
Diana Sousa Débora Monteiro
João Lagarto
Belmiro Fontes João Lagarto
Joana Aguiar
Filipa Fontes Joana Aguiar
Diogo Valsassina
Jaime Fontes Diogo Valsassina
Vítor Silva Costa
David Sousa Vítor Silva Costa
Rita Ribeiro
Graça Barata Rita Ribeiro
Custódia Gallego
Elisa Mosquito Custódia Gallego
Luísa Cruz
Cremilde Mosquito Luísa Cruz
Fernando Luís
Teodoro Mosquito Fernando Luís
Bruna Quintas
Mimi Mosquito Bruna Quintas
Luís Ganito
Luís Ganito Luís Ganito
Marina Mota
Julieta Formiga Marina Mota
Gonçalo Diniz
António Formiga Gonçalo Diniz
João Bettencourt
Gonçalo Formiga João Bettencourt
Sandra Barata Belo
Rosa Santos Sandra Barata Belo
Bia Wong
Cláudia Santos Bia Wong
Ricardo Mata Ribeiro
Salvador Torres Ricardo Mata Ribeiro
Francisco Valente
Lourenço Torres Francisco Valente

Catarina Valente

Bárbara Branco
Jorge and Leonor’s daughter and older sister to Tozé, Vera and Marta, Catarina stands up for her family as if her life depended on it. One could say that she had a happy childhood, but the lack of means became a serious issue for everyone, with her father turning to alcohol and illegal activities, along with two of her brothers. On leaving her mother’s home to work for the Torres Estate, Catarina had no choice but to grow up.